Who's Looking at Your Credit Score?
This may surprise you

Did you know ...

  • Employers who want to hire or promote you
  • Insurance providers determining your car’s coverage rates
  • Companies seeking your consulting services
  • Your prospective landlord
  • Government and military personnel assessing service people for advancement
  • Loan officers evaluating you for mortgage loans and luxury item financing
  • Even the suppliers of recreational equipment for your next white water rafting adventure

... look at your credit score?

The Facts
Caring truth in black & white

Your credit score is as essential to your identity as your social security number. But what if it’s wrong?

You may be living under the shadow of an invalid credit score with delinquencies that don’t belong to you and are difficult to eliminate from your profile.

  • 79% of consumer credit reports contain serious errors or other mistakes that can significantly lower credit scores.
  • It is your legal right to challenge inaccurate credit items and achieve accurate reporting.
  • Many clients see significant score increases and become loan-ready in a relatively short amount of time.
Why Choose Better Life Credit Services?
Safe, Reliable, Secure, NO Risk & Fast Results

Our services are legal and affordable and our track record is proven. Whether you have judgments requiring an in-depth credit overhaul or need your score increased by 50 points, we’re your resource for effective results.

  • 100% Legal, FCRA Compliant
  • Ensuring Your Privacy with Military Grade Encryption
  • Low Monthly Payments with NO Upfront Costs
  • No contractual term obligations
  • Friendly and responsive staff. We're here to explain everything.
  • 110% Money Back Guarantee (see terms and conditions)